Mt. Kailash

Mt. Kailash

Saturday, 5 May 2012

2 months and counting

OK, the Pegaso has finally been sold. Great bike, had some great trips on it. But all good things............

With some of the cash from the sale; I got this lovely Yacugar shock. Made a surprising amount of difference to the ride. The Ten feels more planted with no more "sitting down" on acceleration. A more lively ride all round! Very happy with it. Scottoiler has also been fitted as has a rad guard from Metal Mule.

I am now looking at adding a 12v power source after which the bike will be more or less ready to go. As will I, with two months (ish) to go before departure, I have started on the visas. Russia and Kazakhstan are done and I will tackle the Uzbeks next week. Always an interesting experience going to consulates to get visas; a chance to get a small, early glimpse of the countries I will be riding through. The Russian experience was surprisingly smooth, organized and efficient, as was the Kazakh. It can all be this easy, surely?

Still haven't actually decided on a route from London to the 'Stans yet. I got chatting to a guy in front of me in the queue at the Kazakh embassy doing a trip from UK to Oz on a KTM690; his attitude was one of not wanting to overplan the whole thing. Good attitude to have; I really don't want a strict itinerary (apart from the China bit which is unavoidable), but a chance to just go with whatever comes up. So, I will probably set off in July with still no real decision made as to which route to take. Just point the bike East and go.......................................

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