Mt. Kailash

Mt. Kailash

Thursday, 21 June 2012

More visas more waiting...........

A delay in getting the LOI for China meant a chance to get a Tajik visa. These Central Asian visas continue to entertain..............
The Tajik "Embassy" is in an office block in Hammersmith; after asking at reception where I could find it, I was pointed to an affable bloke sat at a coffee table in the corner of what appeared to be somebody elses waiting room. He had a pile of passports, so I guess he was the Embassy. Anyway, £110 later (ouch; what do they spend the money on? Certainly not on office space!), I was told to come back in a week. So, assuming I haven't just handed my passport and cash to some random bloke on a tea-break, I should have my passport back just in time to apply for my Chinese visa. This will be the last one before the off. Hopefully will finally be on the road in about a fortnight. Until then, waiting, waiting, waiting..............

The bike is virtually ready. New chain and sprockets and an oil change next week. I might even give it a clean before I go (OK, maybe not). The 12v power socket and LED battery level warning light I wired up last week seem to work well.

Song for the day: Townes Van Zandt - Lungs (don't know why, but can't get it out of my head!)


  1. So, have you set off? Where are you? And what about Chris?
    I'm in Romania right now and will be in Istanbul on the 11th in case you are headed that way.

  2. Hi Nacho. Yep, I am somehwere in Germany heading south and east (Austria tomorrow?). I think Chris has or is about to set off; via the Ukraine (?). I am heading towards Istanbul, but I won´t be there until after the 11th. Sick of motorways, so will be on the slower roads.