Mt. Kailash

Mt. Kailash

Friday, 6 July 2012

That's me down the road....................

Finally set off. Day one: Met some other bikers on the chunnel, a few Harley guys and one bloke on a Triumph (Sprint?) planning to ride down to Pamplona for the bull run. He was hoping to get there that night. The train didn`t get to Calais until about 2:30! That is proper hardcore riding. My day was from London to just outside Luxembourg. Cold comfort to know that it is not just the UK having a terrible summer; some of the rain in Belgium was almost biblical....."and yea, the Lord said: the roads shall be rivers and the fish shall have dominion over the earth". I survived the deluge and made it to the Belgian-Luxembourg border.
Soundtrack for the day: The Cult - Rain (what else?).

Day 2 saw me arrive somehwere in Germany (2 days - 5 countries). Mercifully dry today despite dire weather warning for Belgium (I guess the Germans would not permit such rainfall). Foolishly, I stuck to the motorways for most of today; surprisingly slow with constant roadworks and traffic jams. Lesson learnt, small roads are the go. Heading to Austria tomorrow for some proper mountain roads.

Soundtrack: Subhumans - Motorways

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