Mt. Kailash

Mt. Kailash

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Feeling hot, hot, hot...............

So, it was farewell to Istanbul and hello stage 2 of the trip. Managed to get to the ferry port on the second time of asking (missed the turning the first time round). Smooth quick and comfortable voyage to Bursa (in Asia!!); although you weren't allowed on deck during the crossing so had to make do with a window view of the Sea of Mamara. The temperatures have been climbing; today hitting the 40 somethings, even the locals say it is unseasonably hot. It is actually cooler to ride with the visor down to keep the hair-dryer blast of heat from hitting you in the face.

Keep moving, always keep moving; don't let the heat catch up with you. Had to stop eventually, in Ankara. No Troy, just couldn't bring myself to go west, so eastwards again, inching closer and closer to the sun. Ankara was a bit weird, but just a night stop before heading to Goreme and Cappadocia. Shorter ride today past what appeared to be a lake dwindling into a salt flat. Maybe there is something to this end of world 2012 stuff after all!? No let up in the heat, although when I arrived in Goreme, I was told it was cold here last week; not so now. Satan has taken up residence with all his fiery minions. At least the beer is cold. Another day playing tourist tomorrow before plotting where to next.

Soundtrack: Hawkwind - Fahrenheit 451

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