Mt. Kailash

Mt. Kailash

Monday, 23 July 2012


Relatively short run along the Black Sea coast to get to the border with Georgia. As I set about trying to spend my last few Turkish Lira at the border, an identical bike pulled up beside me. Nacho! Finally ran into each other after a couple of weeks of near misses. So, we crossed into Georgia: very efficient. So much so, that I didn't realize I had been stamped into the country, still thinking I was being stamped out of Turkey! No sign of anywhere to buy moto insurance. Hmmm? Anyway it was on to the seaside town of Batumi. Nacho had booked himself into a dorm, which I don't do anymore (I NEED my sleep!).

Didn't really like Batumi, so I saddled up the next morning towards Tbilisi. The roads weren't great, there was a vicious wind to add to the intense heat and the Georgian drivers are, er, somewhat "interesting". This made for an intense, tiring ride. At one point, signs to Baku and Tehran appeared. I am not in kansas anymore!! I was going to stop at Gori (birthplace of Stalin), but the white line fever took hold and I carried on to Tbilisi. Good move: there was beer festival on in town. 1 pint for 1 Lari (about 40p). And a decent Chinese restaurant. As I have been wandering around today (a rest day with a slightly foggy head after the cheap beer last night), I noticed a rugby pub, which is tonight's diversion sorted! I like Tbilisi.

Probably head north toward Russia tomorrow, spending a night in the mountains around Kazbeg before crossing the border. Probably.

Soundtrack: Bob Marley - Keep On Moving

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