Mt. Kailash

Mt. Kailash

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Transfargasan goodness

Rain greeted me as I prepared to leave Budapest. It was short lived though and then it was the long slog across Hungary to Romania. The Hungarian scenery, although very rural was quite flat and uninspiring. No mountains to break the monotony of the (albeit very good) roads. That all changed once over the border in Romania. This was the first border where my passport was checked; it was very cursory though, didn`t even have to take off my helmet. While the scenery became better and better, the roads deteriorated. Gave my new suspension a good work out. Long ride today ending at a town called Deva.

Soundtrack: Nick Drake ─ Road.

The next day was time for the famous Transfargasan road. I was stopped by the police en route. I wasn't speeding (honest!), just routine, wanting to see my documents; but once he realised this meant getting into my heavily fortified panniers, he lost interest and just wanted to know how fast the bike could go. Of course, I never ride fast, so I couldn't tell him. Once at the Transfargasan, it didn`t disappoint. Superb ride up and over the mountains along some great twisty`s with spectacular views. There is something about mountain roads. Sheer pleasure! I intended to stop for the night in Pitesti, but I couldn`t find the hotel I had researched; by which time I had passed through Pitesti and was only 60 motorway miles from Bucharest. Sod it, it will save me time tomorrow. So, Bucharest: what a toilet! I am sure it has nice bits, but I am in a part of town apparently populated by winos, drunks and alcoholics. Wouldn`t mind, but I cannot find a bar anywhere, so I can`t even join in. Anyway, Bulgaria tomorrow (if my bike survives the night!)

Soundtrack: Citizen Fish ─ Over the fence

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